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defaultの意味・使い方 - 英和辞典 Weblio辞書
Defaultの意味や使い方 【名詞】【不可算名詞】1a(義務などの)不履行,怠慢 B債務 不履行 用例go Into Default 債務不履行に陥る 2【法律, 法学】 (法廷への)欠席 用例 Make Default 欠席する - 約953万語ある英和辞典・和英辞典。発音・イディオムも 分かる英語辞書。.

Default Definition of Default by Merriam-Webster
Definition Of Default 1 Failure To Do Something Required By Duty Or Law Neglect.

Default (finance) - Wikipedia
In Finance, Default Is Failure To Meet The Legal Obligations (or Conditions) Of A Loan, For Example When A Home Buyer Fails To Make A Mortgage Payment, Or When A Corporation Or Government Fails To Pay A Bond Which Has Reached Maturity.

Default Define Default at Dictionary com
Default Definition, Failure To Act; Inaction Or Neglect They Lost Their Best Client By Sheer Default See More.

defaultの意味・用例|英辞郎 on the WEB:アルク
Default 【自動】 〔義務・債務などの〕履行を怠る 裁判に欠席する 試合に参加[ - アルク がお届けする進化するオンライン英和・和英辞書データベース。一般的な単語や連語 から、イディオム、専門用語、スラングまで幅広く収録。.

Default Synonyms, Default Antonyms Thesaurus com
Synonyms For Default At Thesaurus Com With Free Online Thesaurus, Antonyms, And Definitions Dictionary And Word Of The Day.

default meaning of default in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary
Default Meaning, Definition, What Is Default Failure To Pay Money That You Owe At The Learn More.

Default - Investopedia
What Is ' Default' Default Is The Failure To Pay Interest Or Principal On A Loan Or Security When Due Default Occurs When A Debtor Is Unable To Meet The Legal Obligation Of Debt Repayment, And It Also Refers To Cases In Which One Party Fails To Perform On A Futures Contract As Required By An Exchange.

default - Dictionary Definition Vocabulary com
As A Setting, A Default Is Automatic You Weren't Sure Why Your New Tv Kept Returning To The Factory Defaults Until You Realized You Were Sitting On The Remote.

dict cc Wörterbuch default Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung
Englisch-deutsch-Übersetzung Für Default Im Online-wörterbuch Dict Cc ( Deutschwörterbuch).

default Definition of default in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition Of Default - Failure To Fulfil An Obligation, Especially To Repay A Loan Or Appear In A Law Court, A Preselected Option Adopted By A Computer P.

default - Wiktionary
You May Cure This Default By Paying The Full Amount Within A Week (electronics, Computing) The Original Software Programming Settings As Set By The Factory; A Loss Incurred By Failing To Compete The Team's Three Losses Include One Default A Selection Made In The Absence Of An Alternative Quotations ▽ The Man Became The .

What is a default definition and meaning - BusinessDictionary com
Borrowing Failure To Meet The Terms Of A Loan Agreement Its Two Types Are (1) Fiscal Failure To Make Repayment On The Due Date Generally, If A Payment Is 30 Days Overdue, The Loan Is In Default (2) Covenantal Failure To Live Up To One Or More Covenants Of The Loan Agreement Such As Exceeding The Prescribed Total .

What is default - Definition from WhatIs com
In Computer Technology, A Default (noun, Pronounced Dee-fawlt ) Is A Predesigned Value Or Setting That Is Used By A Computer Program When A Value Or Set.

default (C# Reference) Microsoft Docs
4 Aug 2017 See Also The Default Keyword The Default Keyword Can Be Used In The Switch Statement Or In A Default Value Expression The Switch Statement Specifies The Default Label Default Value Expressions Produces The Default Value Of The Type This Will Be Null For Reference Types And Zero For Value Types, And The .

default - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference com
Default - Translation To Spanish, Pronunciation, And Forum Discussions.

SQL DEFAULT Constraint - W3Schools
Sql Default Constraint The Default Constraint Is Used To Provide A Default Value For A Column The Default Value Will Be Added To All New Records If No Other Value Is Specified Sql Default On Create Table The Following Sql Sets A Default Value For The City Column When The Persons Table Is Created.

Default parameters - JavaScript MDN
4 Oct 2017 Default Function Parameters Allow Formal Parameters To Be Initialized With Default Values If No Value Or Undefined Is Passed.

U S Debt Default Definition, Causes and Consequences
4 Dec 2017 A U S Debt Default Is When The Treasury Department Is Forbidden To Pay Interest On Its Bonds It Would Have Horrific Consequences.

Bootswatch Default
Default, Column Content, Column Content, Column Content Primary, Column Content, Column Content, Column Content Secondary, Column Content, Column Content, Column Content Success, Column Content, Column Content, Column Content Danger, Column Content, Column Content, Column Content Warning, Column .

Change or set the default font - Office Support
Change Or Set The Default Font In Word 2010 To Ensure That Every New Document You Open Uses The Font Settings You Want.

Avoiding Default Federal Student Aid
If You Don't Make A Payment On Time Or If You Miss Making A Payment, Your Loan Is Delinquent And Late Fees May Be Assessed Even If You Are Delinquent On Your Loan, You May Still Be Able To Avoid Default, So It's Important That You Contact Your Loan Servicer Immediately.

Set default upload settings - YouTube Help - Google Support
Upload Defaults Are Settings That Are Applied To All Of Your Web Uploads According To Your Choices You Can Choose Defaults For Your Videos' Privacy Setting, Category, Title, Tags, Comments, Lang.

Venezuela in default What next Venezuela Al Jazeera
18 Nov 2017 Oil-rich Venezuela Has Always Paid Its Debts - Even At The Expense Of Its Citizens But This Week, Everything Changed Venezuela Is Now Officially In Default, Which Means It's Officially Bankrupt Rating Agency Standard & Poor's Declared The Nation In 'selective Default' On Monday After It Failed To Make $200m .

Venezuela slips deeper into crisis after default - Financial Times
14 Nov 2017 Venezuela Has Suffered What Is Expected To Be The First In A Cascade Of Defaults On More Than $60bn Of International Bonds After Missing Several Interest Payments The Country On Monday Evening Missed A Deadline To Make $200m In Interest Payments On Two Of Its Government Bonds, Spurring S&p To .

Countries rarely default on their debts - Emerging markets
6 Days Ago The Number Of Governments In Default To Private Creditors Fell Last Year To Its Lowest Level Since 1977, According To The Bank Of Canada's Database Of The 131 Sovereigns Tracked By S&p Global, A Rating Agency, Mozambique Is The Only Other Country In Default, Having Missed Payments On Its Eurobond (and .

Setting the default branch - User Documentation - GitHub Help
The Default Branch Is Considered The Base Branch In Your Repository, Against Which All Pull Requests And Code Commits Are Automatically Made, Unless You Specify A Different Branch ….

Setting default quality for embedded videos – Help Center
Embedded Videos Default To Auto Mode, Which Picks The Best Quality Video For Each Viewer's Playback Environment Vimeo Plus, Pro, And.

Search for companies in default FSCS
Search For Companies In Default You Can Search Our Database To See If The Firm You Are Making Enquiries About Has Already Been Declared In Default By The Fscs This Means That The Fscs Is Satisfied That It Is Unable, Or Likely To Be Unable, To Pay Claims Against It This Opens The Way For The Firm's Customers To Make A Claim .

4 Sep 2011 Default Icon By Interactivemania Is Licensed Under A Creative Commons Attribution-no Derivative Works 3 0 This Means In Short Terms, Icons Are Free For Redistribution, Commercial And Non-commercial, As Long As The License Is Passed Along Unchanged And In Whole, With Credit To Interactivemania.

How to replace Edge as the default browser in Windows 10 — and
29 Sep 2017 How To Replace Edge As The Default Browser In Windows 10 — And Why You Should Just Because Microsoft Wants You To Use The Edge Browser Doesn't Mean You Have To Here's How To Make Chrome, Firefox Or Another Your Primary Browser In Windows 10.

Venezuela in selective default, says credit ratings agency - BBC News
14 Nov 2017 International Credit Ratings Agency Standard & Poor's Has Declared Venezuela To Be In Selective Default The Ratings Agency Said The South American Nation Had Failed To Make $200m (£153m) In Repayments On Its Foreign Debt Venezuela's State-run Oil Company Pdvsa Has Also Been Declared In Default .

Set the default email app or web browser on your Mac - Apple Support
14 Mar 2017 Set The Default Email App Or Web Browser On Your Mac When You Click A Link For An Email Address Or Website, Your Mac Opens The App You've Set For That Kind Of Link Mail Is The Default Email App And Safari Is The Default Web Browser On Your Mac If You Install Other Email Apps Or Web Browsers, You Might .

Termination of Tenancies for Tenant Default - Google Books Result
This Statement Will Explain The Landlord's Right To Take Termination Action In Response To A Tenant Default A Landlord May Not Serve Either A Tenant Default Notice Or A Summary Termination Notice In Respect Of A Tenant Default Unless Either (a) An Explanatory Statement Has Been Given To The Tenant In The Prescribed Form And .

Market-Based Estimation of Default Probabilities and Its - Google Books Result
We Should Note, Though, That The Default Probabilities So Obtained Are Referred To As “risk- Neutral” Or “risk-adjusted” Probabilities Since They Are Corrected To Reflect Investors' Risk Aversion Risk-neutral Probabilities, Therefore, Can Be Very Different From Real World Probabilities Therefore, Section V Introduces A Simple Method To  .

Student loans direct loan default rates report to - Google Books Result
The Most Recent Student Loan Default Rate Statistics For Schools—the 1998 Cohort Default Rates—showed That Overall, The Direct And Guaranteed Student Loan Programs Had Similar Default Rates—6 6 Percent For Fdlp And 6 7 Percent For Ffelp The Two Programs Also Had Similar Default Rates When The Comparisons Focused On .

Default – Foreign Policy
Washington Set The Small Island Up To Fail And Now That The Territory Is On The Verge Of Financial Collapse, Congress Is Washing Its Hands Of The Blame Argument Michael Moran · Gettyimages-506086290 Crop · Venezuela Is About To Go Bust When The Country Defaults, A Lot Of People Are Going To Lose A Lot Of Money.

An Introduction to Default Logic - Google Books Result
Incremental Proof Procedure For Groundable1 Free Default Theories Exists [ Besnard, Quiniou And Quinton 1983] Where Incremental Means That There Is A Unifying Computation Process Embedding The Search For Validity And Satisfiability From Intermediary Results On The Other Hand, The Iterative Requirement For The Derivation Of .

default Englisch » Deutsch PONS
Übersetzungen Für Default Im Englisch » Deutsch-wörterbuch Von Pons Online Default, To Default On Payments, To Default To Sth, By Default.

Google Application Default Credentials Google Identity Platform
11 Jul 2017 The Application Default Credentials Provide A Simple Way To Get Authorization Credentials For Use In Calling Google Apis They Are Best Suited For Cases When The Call Needs To Have The Same Identity And Authorization Level For The Application Independent Of The User This Is The Recommended Approach To .

Default App Manager Lite - Android Apps on Google Play
Default App Manager Pro Now Availabe On The Playstore At Https Play Google Com Store Apps Details Id=com Appiator Dampro Default App Manager Is A Simple Yet Very Functional App To Manage (set Defaults, Clear Reset Defaults) Default Applications For Different Types Of Actions That Android Does Unlike Other Applications .

Why the default settings on your device should be right first time
1 Dec 2013 Research Has Shown Most People Don't Change Default Settings On Phones And Computers And The Makers Should Take Note.

Venezuela Hunger by Default Crisis Group
23 Nov 2017 Economic Mismanagement, Corruption And Dwindling Reserves Have Forced Venezuela Into Penury And Now Into Missed Payments And Partial Default On Its Debts Full-scale, Internationally Supervised Negotiations Involving A Restored Parliament Are Essential To Pave The Way To A Debt Restructuring And A Free .

How do I set a default grade for an assignment Canvas Community
7 Oct 2017 If You Want To Set A Default Grade For A Certain Assignment, Use The Assignment Drop-down Menu This Will Allow You To Input Scores For Students Who Do.

git push時に表示されるwarning `push default is unset `の意味と解決
(おそらく)git V1 8から以下のようなメッセージが出るようになった人は多いと思います. この意味を解説します. $ G Push Warning Push Default Is Unset; Its Implicit Value Is Changing In Git 2 0 From 'matching' To 'simple' To Squelch This Message And Maintain The Current Behavior.

Make Acrobat or Reader the default owner of PDF - Adobe Support
9 Dec 2016 Learn How To Make Adobe Acrobat Or Adobe Reader The Default Application And Owner Of Pdf Files On Microsoft Windows 10 After A Fresh Install Or An Update.

Change List Name and Defaults MailChimp
18 Dec 2017 Learn How To Locate And Set Your List's Name And Default Settings, Subscription Settings, And Subscribe And Unsubscribe Notifications.

Nearly 5 Million Americans in Default on Student Loans - WSJ
13 Dec 2017 The Rise In Defaults Comes Despite A Strong Labor Market—unemployment Is At A 17-year Low—and Carries Long-term Consequences For Borrowers And The Economy Defaulted Borrowers Risk Damaging Their Credit And Their Ability To Borrow For Other Things Like Homes And Cars That, In Turn, Could Restrain The .

default - Yahoo奇摩字典搜尋結果
不履行,違約,拖欠 Be In Default On A Loan 拖欠借款 2 不參加(比賽);(中途)棄權 The Other Team Didn't Arrive, So Our Team Won By Default 由於對方球隊未到,我隊 以其棄權而獲勝。 3 【律】缺席 A Default Judgment Was Issued Against The Defendant 被告受到了缺席審判。 4 【電腦】預設值,隱含值,系統默認值 Vi 不及物 動詞 1.

U S Default Unlikely, But Bond Traders Are Taking No Chances
13 Aug 2017 Manulife Asset Management Chief Economist Megan Greene Discusses The Debate Over The Debt Ceiling And A Potential Government Shutdown She Speaks On “what'd You Miss ” (source Bloomberg) In Many Ways, The Thought That The United States Of America Would Default Is Utterly Preposterous.

Default info values Drupal org
31 Aug 2016 The Following Are The Assumed Defaults When They Are Not Defined, The Theme Will Automatically Take These Values.

Add Default Choices - Qualtrics Support
This Qualtrics Support Page Teaches About The Add Default Choices Feature, Which Enables Survey Questions To Display A Selected Answer Choice Automatically.

Reset Xbox One Console to Factory Defaults - Xbox Support
Learn How To Restore Your Xbox One Console To The Factory Default Settings.

Default Page of a Report - Microsoft Power BI Community
8 Feb 2017 I Have A Requirement From A Client That Would Like To See Page 1 By Default On A Multi Page Report At The Moment, When You Click On The Report, It Loads As Page 2 I Know It's A Very Small Thing But Is There A Way To Set A Default Page When Opening A Report, Or Is It Something I Haven't Done Right In The Set Up.

SEBI puts on hold debt default disclosure requirements - The Hindu
30 Sep 2017 Just A Day Before The New Guidelines Related To Disclosure Of Debt Default By Listed Companies Was To Come Into Effect, The Securities And Exchange Board Of India ( Sebi) Has Deferred The Implementation Of The Norms It Has Been Decided To Defer Implementation Until Further Notice, Said A One-line Circular .

Data protection by design and default ICO
At A Glance Under The Gdpr, You Have A General Obligation To Implement Technical And Organisational Measures To Show That You Have Considered And Integrated Data Protection Into Your Processing Activities Privacy By Design Has Always Been An Implicit Requirement Of Data Protection That The Ico Has Consistently .

Configuration jekyll
This Sets The Tz Environment Variable, Which Ruby Uses To Handle Time And Date Creation And Manipulation Any Entry From The Iana Time Zone Database Is Valid, E G America New_york A List Of All Available Values Can Be Found Here When Serving On A Local Machine, The Default Time Zone Is Set By Your Operating System.

Determine your employer-nominated fund (default fund) Australian
10 Oct 2017 If Your Employee Does Not Or Cannot Choose A Super Fund, You Must Pay Their Super Into A Super Fund That You Have Nominated This Is Referred To As Your Employer-nominated Or Default Fund.

FinAid Loans Defaulting on Student Loans
Defaulting On Student Loans Is A Serious Matter That Deserves A Lot Of Consideration Before You Begin Applying For Student Loans, It's Wise To Learn More About The Consequences Of Default, How To Avoid It And, If You're Already In Default , How To Get Out Of It See Also Trouble Repaying Debt Or How To Settle Defaulted Federal .

TStyle - ROOT Cern
Tstyle Objects May Be Created To Define Special Styles By Default Root Creates A Default Style That Can Be Accessed Via The Gstyle Pointer This Class Includes Functions To Set Some Of The Following Object Attributes - Canvas - Pad - Histogram Axis - Lines - Fill Areas - Text - Markers - Functions - Histogram Statistics And Titles .

banner segreteria digitale - Spaggiari
Https Web Spaggiari Eu Home App Default Login Php - Similar.

Default - Lion Air
Rute Baru Lion Air Group Wings Air Mulai 15 Dec 2017 Pontianak - Sintang Jam 07 20 Sintang - Pontianak Jam 08 20 Pontianak - Putusibau Jam 12 15 Putusibau - Pontianak Jam 13 45 Lion Air Mulai 29 Nov 2017 2x Jakarta (cgk)-malang Jam 06 15,10 40 2x Malang .

Argentina Shows Greece There May Be Life After Default HuffPost
The Situation Has Some Important Similarities With Argentina's 2001 Default — And Some Differences As Well In Both Countries, Recessions Turned Into Depressions As A Consequence Of Austerity Policies — Making The Debt Even More Unsustainable In Both Cases, The Policies Were Demanded As A Condition For Assistance.

Student Loan Defaults Hit A New Record in 2016 Money - Time
14 Mar 2017 The Number Of Defaulted Federal Student Loans Hit A New High In 2016 About 8 Million Borrowers Have Given Up Paying On More Than $137 Billion In Education Debts That Means At Least One Out Of Every Six People Who Have Any Federal Student Debt Haven't Made A Payment On Their Loans For At Least Nine .

Customizing Default Space Content - Atlassian Documentation
Changing The Default Behavior And Content In Confluence · Administering Site Templates · Importing Templates · Changing The Site Title · Choosing A Default Language · Configuring The Administrator Contact Page · Configuring The Site Home Page · Customizing Default Space Content · Editing The Site Welcome Message.

gcloud auth application-default login Cloud SDK Google Cloud
Overview · Add-metadata · Describe · Remove-metadata · Set- Default-service- Account · Set-usage-bucket · Update Regions Overview · Describe · List · Reset- Windows-password; Rolling-updates Overview · Cancel · Describe · List · List- Instance-updates · Pause · Resume · Rollback · Start Routers Overview · Add-bgp- Peer · Add- .

Set It and Forget It How Default Settings Rule the World — ProPublica
27 Jul 2016 The Many Ways We Act By Default (without Even Knowing It).

Default Management Japan Securities Clearing Corporation - JPX
Jscc Continuously Monitors Clearing Participants In Order To Avoid Their Defaults, But Preparing For The Worst, Jscc's Rules Set Out The Details Of The Default Management Procedures, Including The Events Constituting A Default, The Sequencing Of The Process And Obligations Of Parties Involved Jscc Will Declare That A Clearing .

Rule 55 Default; Default Judgment Federal Rules of Civil
(a) Entering A Default When A Party Against Whom A Judgment For Affirmative Relief Is Sought Has Failed To Plead Or Otherwise Defend, And That Failure Is Shown By Affidavit Or Otherwise, The Clerk Must Enter The Party's Default (b) Entering A Default Judgment.

Preferences - Audacity Development Manual
The Preferences Dialog The Preferences Dialog Is Split Into 17 Sections The Description Page For Each Section (accessed By The Links Below) Shows An Image Of The Default Preferences Settings For That Section.

Rubicode - RCDefaultApp
Rc Defaultapp Rc Defaultapp Is A Mac Os X 10 2 Or Higher Preference Pane That Allows A User To Set The Default Application Used For Various Url Schemes, File Extensions, File Types, Mime Types, And Uniform Type Identifiers (or Utis; Macos 10 4 Only) Macos X Uses The Extension And File Type Settings To Choose The .

Mozilla terminates its deal with Yahoo and makes Google the default
14 Nov 2017 With The Launch Of Firefox Quantum, Mozilla Released What's Probably The Most Important Update To Its Browser In Recent Years It's Faster, Lighter And You Should Give It A Try And As You Do So, You'll Notice Another Change Google Is Now The Default Search Engine Again — At Least If You Live In The U S , .

For Box Admins Changing the Default Location for - Box
This Article Provides Details On How It Admins Can Customize The Box Sync Folder Location While Deploying Box Sync 4 0 For The Enterprise If You Are.

My Account - Marriott
Https Www Marriott Com Rewards Myaccount Default Mi - Similar.

Should Venezuela Default by Ricardo Hausmann & Miguel Angel
5 Sep 2014 The Fact That President Nicolás Maduro's Administration Has Chosen To Default On 30 Million Venezuelans, Rather Than On Wall Street, Is Not A Sign Of Its Moral Rectitude It Is A Signal Of Its Moral Bankruptcy.

Default neglect in attempts at social influence
8 Dec 2017 We Examine Whether People Are Successful At Using The Default Effect, A Widely Studied Bias With Special Policy Relevance, To Influence Others' Choices Overall, We Find That Managers, Law Business Medical Students, And Us Adults Often Fail To Understand And Or Use Defaults, With Some Interesting Exceptions.

S&P Experian Consumer Credit Default Composite Index - S&P Dow
This Index Measures The Default Rates Across Autos, First And Second Mortgage And Bankcards, And Also Offers Investors A Broader Benchmark Combining And Measuring The Default Rates Of All Four Indices Included In The S&p Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices.

data-default A class for types with a default value - Hackage
Source Repository, Head Git Clone Https Github Com Mauke Data- Default Uploaded, Sat Jun 25 23 03 09 Utc 2016 By Lukasmai Distributions, Arch 0 7 1 1, Debian 0 5 3, Fedora 0 7 1 1, Freebsd 0 5 3, Ltshaskell 0 7 1 1, Nixos 0 7 1 1, Stackage 0 7 1 1, Tumbleweed 0 7 1 1 Downloads, 211492 Total (7192 In The Last 30 .

Ditch your phone's default apps for these superior replacements
7 Aug 2017 Your Phone Comes With Default Apps—but These Aren't Always The Best Options On The Market Here Are Some Alternatives To The Apps Provided By Apple And Google.

CodeKit - Defaults For New Projects
Initial Values A Screenshot Of The Menu Command To Edit Defaults For New Projects In Codekit When You Add A Folder To Codekit For The First Time, All Settings Start Off With Initial Values You Can Specify What Those Initial Values Should Be Choose File > Edit Defaults For New Projects From The Menubar This Opens The Familiar .